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Anonymous asked: You got another tumblr account for yourself? If so can you tell me the account coz I'm super curious?

its all about random things that i liked, nothing specific about japan or japanese culture so i havent revealed my another account, but since some of you guys asked …its here :D 


Toshiteru by ONIHIDE on Flickr

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In love with Japan

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Anonymous asked: What is japanese traditional dress ?

im assuming you’re talking about kimono? sorry for late reply!

Sorry i haven’t been posting, im back in japan for holidays and ive been busy! 

dont kill me yet, will be updating soon

Kaskade - Feeling The Night (HD) (HQ) Tokyo Driving (by lesh21)


I love how it shows Roppongi area which is around my hometown at 4:25 to 4:40—-all the lights look insane!!!

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Went back to Japan for spring break like two weeks ago…had so much fun!

How I’ve missed my beautiful sakura country!!

Omg I love their works!

Mirai Mechanism -未来メカニズム- by vividblaze (by mockmoon2000)

Beautiful miniature Tokyo!

miniature city 2 -featuring vividblaze “tight rope (floor mix)”- (by mockmoon2000)